Model Aviation™ & Park Pilot™ Advertising Policies

Advertising Content: All advertisements are accepted, subject to terms and provisions of the current rate card. The Academy of Model Aeronautics (herein known as Publisher) retains the right to reject unsuitable advertising. Any advertisements which contain (or imply) crude or vulgar language, and/or content of a sexual nature will not be accepted. Advertisers and their agencies assume liability for all content of advertisements printed, and also assume responsibility for any claims arising therefrom made against the Publisher. Publisher reserves the right to place the word “advertisement” with copy that resembles editorial material. All contracts accepted with the provision that rates are subject to change.

Model Aviation & Park Pilot assume no responsibility for errors in copy submitted by advertiser or agency representing advertiser. Changes will be made if possible and at the request of advertiser or the agent. Changes and corrections may be subject to minimum typesetting or prep charges. All changes must be received by the Materials Due date.

Disclaimer: The Publisher’s liability for any error will not exceed the charge for the advertisement in question. The Publisher assumes no liability if for any reason it becomes necessary to omit an advertisement. Publisher is not liable for errors in the advertisers’ index.

Excess Charges: The Publisher is not responsible for excess charges because of late arrival of ads or digital output problems. If new ad materials or pick-up instructions are not received by the Materials Due date the Publisher will repeat the most recent ad of equal size. However, if a late ad must run, the Publisher will pass on the excess charges for work done on ads that arrive after the deadline. All charges for pick-up and dupe and send to other publications will be passed on to the advertiser.

Agency Discount: The agency discount on space and color charges is calculated as 15% of gross billing for electronic files (10% of gross billing for non-electronic files - films, positives, etc). There is no discount allowed on mechanical or handling charges such as artwork, printing, backup of inserts, etc. If art from agencies is not camera-ready, mechanical charges will be billed to the agency. It is not necessary to have the ad placed by an agency to qualify for this discount.

Cash Discounts: The terms for Model Aviation & Park Pilot advertising accounts are net thirty (30) days. A two percent discount (after agency discount) may be taken if payment is received at AMA within ten days of the invoice date and the account is current. Cash discounts taken (but not eligible) will be billed again on the next invoice.

Credit Penalty: Any accounts over 90 days may be subject to suspension of future advertising until the account is current. Any accounts over 120 days may be turned over to our collection agency at the discretion of the Publisher. The advertiser has final responsibility for all payments. Advertiser agrees to pay all collection costs, including attorney fees, if account is placed for collection.

In the event that the agent (whether paid or otherwise) fails to pay the amount owed (for whatever reason), it will remain the responsibility of the advertiser to see that the account is closed. Further, for agencies having displayed poor financial record, Publisher reserves the right to refuse the insertion order from the agency and the advertiser may place the advertisement directly. Otherwise, the publication will deal directly with the agency on matters concerning billing. Agency commissions will not be allowed on unpaid invoices over 90 days.

Closing Dates: Materials must be received by the Materials Due deadline indicated by our Rate Card (also noted in our Production Schedule and Insertion order). No cancellations will be accepted after the Space Closing date.

Special Positions: Covers and special-position requirements are non-cancelable. Publisher reserves the right to give better position than specified at no increase in rate. Special-position requests are given consideration; however, no guarantee is made unless the position premium has been provided for in the contract.

Camera-Ready Art: This is defined as digital files ready to output without any additional work other than simple output and strip. To qualify for agency discount, advertisers assume responsibility for conforming with ad size, providing all materials on time, and providing digital ads ready to output. Traditional film or similar art is not considered as camera-ready and is not eligible for the camera-ready agency discount.

Proofing: It is the responsibility of the advertiser to provide a Matchprint or other professional color proof with all color negatives or the prepress and press will not be responsible for color, image shift, or dropout. Matchprint proofs are suggested but are at the expense of the advertiser.

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