That's a big number! Or how about these other numbers so far for 2017:

  • 4.7 million total views

  • 2 million unique views


On target for:

  • 5.6 million total views

  • 2.5 million unique views


These are the numbers you can expect as part of advertising on AMA's 4 web sites:

Some restrictions do apply and these pages are only available on a first come, first serve basis (2 banner spots/page, 3 advertisers/spot maximum).

On target for over 2.5 million unique page views in 2017.

Over 470,000 page views each month.

Reach every current & potential AMA member.

Model Aviation or Park Pilot advertisers receive an additional 10% discount.
Contact me for details.

Two spaces are on each page and they will run across the page, similar to the images shown above. The size for these ads is 350x100 and pricing is:
1 month rate - $420/month 6 month rate - $350/month
3 month rate - $390/month 12 month rate - $290/month
For a limited time, any Model Aviation or Park Pilot advertiser who runs concurrently
on the web will receive an additional 10% off these prices.

To reserve your space contact Mark Lanterman
( or 888-829-4060)

These ad spaces will rotate with any other advertisers. Advertisers are free to change their ad copy as they wish.
Web ads can be static .gif or .jpg formats – or, may include subtle animation in .gif or flash formats.
All advertising, whether in print or on the web, must conform to the standard advertising policies set forth in the Model Aviation media kit.
To review these guidelines, please click here to download a .pdf version of the media kit.

All web statistics are gathered via Google Analytics, February 2017.

You should be able reply to this message with any questions or comments, or you can email me directly at
Of course, you're always welcome to call toll free (888-829-4060).